Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Valentine's Day Story

If you've been following my blog, you'll notice that my husband and I aren't big on flowers and gifts (we normally just exchange cards) and apparently, this is about to change this year.

Coming home from running errands last Sunday, I rushed into the house shouting "Baby, I'm home and I have a Valentine's day gift for Daddy!"

Hubby froze upon hearing this, "sh*t,... I had not gotten you anything." and he started to look really guilty.

"It's okay, I don't mind not getting a gift this year," I said.

and then I whispered, "So, is it gonna be a surprise ? Excited na ako!"

[hubby looked even guiltier]

"No, I'm serious, I really did not get you anything. There really is no surprise."

Then, in a really small pathetic voice, I asked, "ah.. sige, okay lang. Tipid-mode pala tayo. Okay lang na walang anniversary gift and walang V-day gift." and I started to walk away.

When I showed him my gift a few minutes later - a NY Jets shirt - he started laughing, "SALE YAN NO ?".

I bought it for him to use as a pambahay because it was XL (he loves huge baggy shirts), it was on sale (they didn't make it to the Superbowl), and the material (cloth) felt nice. I didn't really buy it for V-day.

That was Sunday.

Come Valentine's Day, we greeted each other as usual and he left for work and Swe-cha and I spent the day together. The day pretty much went like other regular days except that I didn't get to nap with Swe-cha in the morning because I prepared some Pearl Barley broth for his lunch (it's a home-remedy for constipation). When he took his 2nd nap of the day and commandeered my arm for a pillow, I fell asleep right alongside of him. Now, hubby usually calls when he leaves work but tonight, he did not call so I didn't wake up in time to prepare dinner.

Hubby arrived home to find Swe-cha and me cuddled together and sleeping and NO food. He was good-natured about it and went out again to pick up some Chinese takeout. Swe-cha and I woke up just as he got back home again.

Later, while watching TV... he handed me a card. I opened it and I read the sweetest message from hubby and Swe-cha. I was so happy because I felt that he really looked for a nice card that reflected our lives together. I usually just pick the nicest-looking card I can find but hubby does take his time, he is thoughtful that way.

I smiled the widest smile ever.

After I read the card and put it back in the envelope again, he then shouted "GIFT!" (mala-Price is Right tone na "A new car!") and handed me a pack of Kit-Kats. I didn't think it was possible, but my smile went even wider and I said, "Wow, sakto, I just finished the last of my Lindt's dark chocolate this afternoon."

Hubby then said, "ah, ganon ba ? ANOTHER GIFT!" and handed me a pack of Lindt's dark chocolate. I was so giddy with happiness and said "Thank you! Wow, puro chocolates."

And hubby then said, "sige, para maiba naman, ISA PANG GIFT!" and handed me a box of microwave popcorn. YAY!

I'm sure I have... but I don't remember laughing or smiling this much. While all this was happening, Swe-cha was right beside me and acting all excited. He would pounce on my gifts as they were handed to me, kala mo marunong na.

Other girls get flower arrangements, jewelry and other fineries on V-day, I get to spend it with my loving husband, my son and all my favorite things. I felt like I just won the lotto (well, actually winning the lottery would be good too)

We ended the day on a high note - hubby and I munching on the KitKats and Swe-cha playing with the wrappers. Gosh, if hubby keeps this up, I'm gonna have to get him to enjoy Monaco grand prix hospitality just to keep up.

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