Thursday, February 17, 2011


We celebrated our nth wedding anniversary last week and as I always say, we're not big on celebrations - we don't exchange gifts, walang flowers but we sometimes exchange cards. But hubby does manage to surprise me every now and then by gifting me with nice things for our anniversary - usually during those years w/c have significance with us.

This year, our friend R dropped by the weekend before our anniversary to pick up some coupons. I was so happy because she picked up a cake for us - an advanced Valentine's day cake - she was not aware that it was our anniversary. It was so sweet and thoughtful of her! And thanks for R, we do get to have something special and sweet for our anniversary dinner (w/c happened to be Japanese takeout, haha!). We're kinda overdoing the tipid thing, no ? But seriously, the Japanese takeout wasn't cheap.

While we did not really plan to celebrate other than ordering something extra-special to eat at home, I was happy to have cake. Hubby leaves the office late and does not have time to pick something up for dinner and I do not like having to go out to get something because that means that I'd have to bring the baby out with me and it does get too cold outside and Swe-cha hates to get bundled up because his movements get restricted.

Anyway, next anniversary, if and when I'm no longer breastfeeding, we should also probably do some online wine shopping and get something to help celebrate the occasion.

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