Saturday, February 12, 2011

Supplementing with Formula

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We just got back from our 12th month well-baby visit to the pediatrician yesterday (we're a bit late because Swe-cha was sick when he hit the 12th month mark and we decided to postpone his immunizations until he recovered).

I was happy to see him tip the scales at 20 lbs 2 oz - my son is no heavyweight at this point but this was such a relief because he has lost so much weight when he got sick twice in December and January - almost 3 full pounds since exactly a month ago. That wasn't too shabby, considering that we've been gaining around an average of 1 pound a month for the last half year

Unfortunately, when his weight was plotted on his growth chart, his rate of weight gain since birth didn't look so well. He started out at the 50th percentile and in the last few well-baby visits, he's gone down slowly and is now in the 10th percentile when it comes to his weight. *sigh*

Pedia says we have to monitor his weight closely now. I'm sort of confident about him being on track in terms of weight gain because he is eating again now (he also went on a hunger strike around November that lasted a few weeks during which he hardly ate any solids at all). But he will go into daycare soon and I fear that there will be a period of adjustment where he'll eat less and I'm also sure that they won't be able to feed him as diligently as we do at home.

In the meantime, I've decided to up his calorie-intake as much as I can so that we can get a head start on the weight issue. Sis suggests I supplement our breastmilk with powdered formula (i.e. add powdered formula to breastmilk before giving to Swe-cha).

I haven't decided to go through with this plan yet but I am very tempted to go ahead and buy on Who knew that despite being blessed with an abundance of breastmilk, we'd be supplementing with formula at this stage ? *smile* I don't really have any issues as I (and my husband) grew up on infant's formula. I also did plan on switching Swe-cha to Toddler formula instead of cow's milk when our breastmilk supply dries up.

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