Thursday, February 10, 2011


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Last weekend was Superbowl weekend and seeing as how there are lots of Superbowl parties during this time, I am suddenly reminded of how long it has been since we entertained. As dinner time approached, it was then that another realization hit me, I do not have any Super Bowl Recipes in my repertoire and on that note, I also realized that it has been so long since I tried out a new recipe at home.

Hubby, thankfully, knows better than to complain about my cooking.

So I started looking and looking and found this video:

I love popcorn (my blog title and blogger name are obvious indicators of that fact). I love it sweet, I love it salty. I love it buttery. But who knew that popcorn could be so much more ? So I rummaged around for some corn kernels in my kitchen but all I found were some leftover kernels from around 8 years ago - uh... I decided to toss them out before I get tempted *snicker*.

So I decided to do some more searching and found this video for shrimp skewers:

Now, that is more my taste. Perfect for regular meals and perfect for entertaining. I'm gonna be trying this out real soon.


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