Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leaky window

The leaky window is finally fixed, finally!

We've been trying to fix this since October, replacing the rubber seals and gaskets around the window. We were doing good until we hit a snag w/ the waterbar weatherstrip. It was supposed to sit at an angle so that it'll touch the upper wall but it doesn't so water started dripping INTO our windows.


Finally had to call some window guys to come in and assess the damage. Guy comes in today, checks it out and tells me that he can fix it today. I also asked him to replace the window operator (crank), it's been broken since before I bought the place years ago so while he's here, I thought better have him replace it.

I'm happy w/ the labor I paid but feel that we were overcharged for the operator. He charged us $100 for a $30 part but if I consider the discount that I got for $35 for an online coupon that I printed out, the surcharge comes down to $35... pwede na. After all, I do have to order it online and wait for it to arrive and then install it ourselves (and assume that we ordered the right part)... hassle!

Total damage to our wallet was $200 and change. That's very reasonable compared to the other company who gave me an estimate of $199 minimum for the labor only. If I include what we previously spent on the rubber seals and all, we have spent less than $250.

Anyway, for our future reference, I'm writing down our window details: Andersen casement windows, circa 1980, terratone finish. You need to have these details, along w/ the glass dimensions, when you need to order replacement parts.

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