Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Gate

I finally was able to nag talk my husband into installing the baby gate. Yay!

We've had it since around October or November last year and it has taken all this time to get started on the project. It helped to jumpstart this project when I stopped nagging him and gave a flexible deadline which is "before Swe-cha falls down the stairs".

I do understand hubby's delay, it does get hard to get anything done around the house with a toddler in running and crawling about. I tried to keep Swe-cha away from Daddy while this is going on, but look at the pictures, they look so cute together!

I think hubby enjoyed doing this with his son too. He keeps looking at the pictures that I took and I find him grinning from ear to ear.

This photo below is one of hubby's favorite shots, they just found a stud on the wall and Swe-cha is marking the location (he is fascinated by the red arrow that comes out of the studfinder).

and this is my favorite shot :)
The gate goes here and should be around this high.

I wonder,... when all this is done and completed, can I rely on my boys to finally get that Flooring installation project that I've been dreaming about for the longest time ?

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