Sunday, February 20, 2011


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I've been talking on and off about how Swe-cha will be starting daycare next week. I really am excited and looking forward to it on some level and yet, I'm dreading the day on another. We haven't really been apart more than a few hours ever since he was born... nay, ever since he was conceived, even! 

I do get to go out alone when I run errands (grocery, mail packages, go to the bank, etc) but I always leave him with his Dad, who I'm sure he's okay with. And the one and only time I ever took and spent on a purely-me time, I left him with his paternal grandmother, his Di-pe (uncle) and again, his Dad. 

When we attend gatherings and he deigns to let other people carry him, I am always in the background, hovering. Yes, I am one of *those*. Sigh.

So now, with him starting daycare next week, hubby has been reminding me every day to not immediately tackle my to-do list first thing. Hubby wants me to just take it easy - nap, rest, relax - on our first day of daycare and sort of treat it like a vacation because I do need one (kinda makes me wonder if I look *that* haggard, no ?).

And I tell hubby that he's not gonna get away that easily... one of these days, he's going to have to bring me to Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or to Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel for a REAL vacation. This ? Getting to rest and relax a little bit next week is just a breather. Their Romance Package is available all throughout February and with both Valentine's Day and our wedding anniversary falling in that same month, this is really the ideal time for us to be spending some time alone together. I'd love to just stay in and have an in-room breakfast for two and then celebrate dinner at Level 2 Steakhouse with a couple of ribeye steaks (and probably a taste of that duck breast, yummy!). 

I wonder if my mom can come over and babysit for a few days while we go on that romantic escapade ? Hmmm.

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