Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christmas and birthday loot

My boys checking out their Christmas loot.

And yes, I know, our living room is such a mess! That's one of the items on Mommy's list of things to do when Swe-cha goes off to daycare next week.

Hopefully, it wouldn't take long before our house is clean, organized and presentable again - note that I'm being kind to ourselves when I say "again", our place has not been neat and organized since Swe-cha was born a little over a year ago.

I also can't wait to go all-out on job hunting and get employed once again. Hubby and I have so many plans and a loooong list of what we want to buy and do, one of which is to replace that sofa in the picture with a new one, preferably with a leather furniture set.

But then again, we might just wait until we can afford to a new place (that house w/ a backyard that we have been dreaming of for the longest time) before we start investing in new furniture. The less we buy now, the less we have to move (and less chances of our stuff getting damaged in the move) in the future. Oh, and I have to also mention that the more big furniture you have, the less friends you have ;) - just kidding, our friends here are the greatest.

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