Monday, May 4, 2009

Web Hosting Review

Last weekend, a car salesman - yes, you read it right, a CAR SALESMAN - started talking to hubbby and me about e-commerce websites when he heard that we were both in IT.  He told us - and he sort of winked at us as if we were conspirators - that he'd be calling us over the weekend to talk to us about this web hosting service that he knows of. I get the feeling that he is moonlighting as a web-services reseller.

So with that thought in mind, I decided to do some research and check out web hosting ratings. I was interested to check out the prices too as I wanted to find out if this guy was straight or if was the type to take advantage ( I think it's more of the former because why would he think about trying to pull an IT-based scam on a couple of IT professionals ? )

Not surprisingly, the prices I saw on the web hosting review site differs so much from the prices that he quoted us. He was trying to sell us $200 / year services whereas this website lists web hosting services that cost an average of $10 a month. I also love how they provide articles that help out people who may wish to start their own websites such as How to Avoid the Five Pitfalls of Domain Registration.

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