Friday, May 22, 2009

My take on the Hayden - Katrina videos

So Hayden Kho's sex videos are still popping up the internet and everybody has his thing to say. Politicians and all sorts of (women's rights) groups are coming out and HK is being condemned. I thought I'd come out with my thoughts too.

I'll start off by saying that HK is a pig. He is vermin. Filming intimate moments w/o the other party's consent has got to be one of the vilest things that one can do. It's a violation of other people's rights to privacy. He deserves a good hard kick in the privates - and hopefully, a video of that gets circulated on the net too.

On the other hand, I find it hard to be sympathetic to Katrina because after all, she was in the wrong for being in that relationship in the first place. If HK is a pig, then Katrina is the vilest sort of woman on earth because by going on with HK, she is betraying another woman - someone she personally knows, who employs her - a sponsor, and someone who is supposed to be her friend. Ang kapal ng mukha that she can openly look at, talk and meet with Belo with the knowledge that she is doing Belo's man behind her back. KAPAL!

Having videos of intimate moments publicized seem like a very harsh punishment for KH, but then again, it does seem appropriate for the situation. She takes up and has sex with someone's man so now karma has caught up with her and dealt her with a harsh blow - she and everybody else finds out that the man is a pig. 

If you think about it, Katrina brought this upon herself when she made the decision to take up with someone else's man. She's sexy, pretty, popular. Is there even a shortage of men? Why take someone else's guy? 

I find it unfair that KH is now portrayed as a victim. After all, wasn't she an accomplice who later on got betrayed? The only possible victim or loser here is Vicki Belo and I say "possible" because,  from all accounts, she seems to have gotten back with HK despite all the things that he's done. VB must not see herself as a victim after all if she's willing to overlook Hayden's indescretions.

As for Hayden, while I would probably watch with glee if women were to line up to kick him in the badoodles, I am totally opposed to the politicians & Katrina's requests to PRC to have his medical license revoked. What does filming sex acts have to do with his skills as a doctor? Isn't that up to his patients if they'd feel comfortable seeing him or would rather see someone else?

Why revoke his license? Let the public decide if they want to see him or not.  

Remember that sex video of Mahal that came out a few years back? I don't remember PNP asking anybody to come in to answer questions. I don't remember Bong Revilla coming out to defend Mahal. heehee. Unfair, no ? *grin*

Now, I wonder, why did Belo take HK back ? He's probably very talented ;-) 

Gotta look for those videos.

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