Saturday, May 16, 2009

Out of the mouth of babes

I have this aunt who is very inquisitive (translation: chismosa). She likes to be in the thick of things and would always ask around and fish for information.

So yesterday, she was pumping my brother for information about a cousin's wedding. My brother, not wanting to get in the middle of things, played it safe and just said "i don't know" to all of the questions.

- Who's making the entourage gowns ? I don't know.
- Why are they getting for hosting services ? I don't know.

You get the point :)

Eventually, aunt got exasperated and said to my brother "how come you don't know ? He's your cousin!" and my brother replied "e you don't know it either and he's your nephew!".

So Aunt changed the topic and asked about me. How is Popcorn ? How does she look ? Is she fat ? (tingnan nga to, kelangan pa talaga tanungin kung mataba ako. bwiset.)

This was when my nephew - my precious, oh-so-lovable nephew - jumped into the conversation and said "Aunt S, why do you like asking questions when you already know the answer ? You just saw my A-i when Aku was not here yet." 

My nephew was referring to our visit to California last December. Everybody saw us, even aunt. Onga naman, why would she ask my brother how I looked (chismosa talaga, grrr!) when she just saw me herself a few months ago ?

Aunt was supalpal and didn't ask anything else. She said "smart talaga si Lyle". 

True :)


Crinklynose said...

ahahaa, that's funny! :o)

Mylene said...

Hehe smart kid. Pero nakakainis yung mga tsismosang kamag-anak.

popcorn said...

Berns: Sobrang tawa ako nang tawa when I heard the story. I wanted to hug my little nephew and ask him nga pero ayoko na palakihin yung nangyari because it was just an innocent comment.

Mai: sobrang sobrang nakakainis. Pero sa totoo lang, I have to blame my Mom too, kasi siya rin nagpapasa ng chismis minsan eh. Kaya nga funny that Aunt was asking bro about a cousin's wedding arrangements kasi:

(1) anong pakialam ng brother ko doon? Boys aren't usually interested in wedding preparations, unless it's their own.

(2) I know that Aunt already knows the details kasi nakwento na ng mommy ko sa kanya yun eh.

Berryblitz said...

hahhaha nakakatawa, wala akong masabi. thanks to lyle!

right now, i'm having the problem too of mga chismosas everywhere! so to end the argument with my mom... I ask her...

"So what's wrong with that? Got a problem with that?"

If the answer is no, ang balik ko sa kanya is "babae = tsimosa" i'm referring to her friends, relatives

wahhhhhhhh popcorn! we're facing the same problem and tsismis, about the extra fat we got. di bale, cute pa ren tayo hahaha

Berryblitz said...

popcorn, u're aunt just like other's version of the story hahaha

baka may madagdagan sa story or something =p