Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hubby has been avoiding our dentist like the plaque (intended) because the last time we were there, he was told that his wisdom teeth were impacted and that he would have to have surgery.

I've done all that I can do to make (force) him to go twice a year for cleaning and checkups and I cannot imagine how we're going to handle going in for surgery. Hubby, obviously, isn't so fond of dentists to put it mildly.

This evening, I was browsing through my calling card files and noticed that our dentist's calling card is missing. Aha, sneaky husband. As if stealing the calling card is going to prevent me from making an appointment!

I could always search the web for the information or even find a Sacramento Dentist, if I want to. Haha!

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Mylene said...

Ouch impacted wisdom teeth. I know how it feels.