Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I've always believed in prayers. 

Even during the hardest times of my life, I never felt abandoned. I would just take a moment to pray and raise my concerns up to the Lord and afterwards, I'd feel as if the burden has been lifted off of my shoulders - if not totally lifted off, then alleviated at the very least. After every prayer, I feel at peace with the knowledge that I've given up control and God has the reins and that He would never let anything bad happen. I know that whatever does happen to me is for the greater good.

On a different note, I've never really known how hubby felt about prayers. He was never the church-going type until we became bf-gf, and even then, he'd attend church with me but never when I'm away.

When we were talking marriage, I was kind of thankful that he's agnostic. I was not willing to let go of my faith and my church and I didn't relish having to argue my way to church every week. 

And with that background information, let me segue into the main inspiration for this blog. Every now and then, it has always been my habit to remind hubby of the things that we need to pray for - either in thanksgiving or in supplication. 

"Pray for a baby ah"
"Pray for our stability"
"Give thanks for the "

And always, he would answer me yes. 

I was pleasantly surprised last weekend when he added, "I always pray for our friends too."


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