Monday, May 4, 2009


It's been raining a lot these past few days and I can't help but relive my days as a student. I remember wishing for a typhoon just so classes would get cancelled and we'd get the day off from school. 

Haha, those days are long past now and I'm really amazed at how grown-up my younger cousins are. A couple of cousins graduated from high school this April and one is looking into going to university in the US. I believe that he has already been offered a scholarship to a private college somewhere in Massachusetts but his parents are having second thoughts about letting him go there because they found out from college review sites that this particular school had liberal policies.

Now, I hear that he's seriously looking at another Ivy-league university but since he has no scholarship offer for that school, he's thinking about looking at student loans to see if he can afford to go to school. When I first heard my cousin talking about student loans, I was like - DUH? His parents can certainly afford to send him there. Apparently, there's been some issue about this because my aunt is having second thoughts about letting him attend school in another country.


Anyway, I'm hoping that 

(a) he gets to go, it'll be great to see him spread his wings and try to be independent.

and ...

(b) that if does need to get a loan for his tuition, that he gets a good one with good terms and rates. 

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