Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Bro's eyeing something on ebay and he didn't want to tell at first. So, being the curious older sister that I am, I wheedle and cajole him until he tells me.

Turns out he's looking to buy a $10k watch. He says it's cheap because it really costs $12k retail.


And now I'm thinking, he works for the family enterprise... how much is he getting paid? Because really, he bought himself an expensive SUV last year and now, this.

Maybe I should start thinking about the career path I chose. I deliberately steered away from working for the family because I wanted to make it on my own and apparently, pride doesn't come cheap, haha!

Now, I'm showing bro this new site www.bestoftime.com which sells genuine Rolex watches at great prices. I figure that if he has the budget for a $10k watch, then he should probably just spring for a new Rolex anyway- and these are sure to appreciate in value anyway. 


Mylene said...

$10k watch? Wow, what was he looking at originally?

popcorn said...

I think it's a Panerai watch. Apparently, it's quite popular nowadays.

Dad and I were just talking yesterday and he commented that my brother is "galit sa pera" and he doesn't even know about this pending purchase yet.

I have not even heard of the brand until he was showing me the ebay listings. But then again, I don't really follow fashion, di naman ako brand conscious.

Mylene said...

"Galit sa pera" hehe. I haven't heard that in a while.