Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain rain

We've had three straight days of rain and frankly, I'm tired of getting drizzled on when I step out to check up on my plants (I'm a newbie gardener, am excited about my plants everyday).

I never thought I'd say this before - and my friends would agree - but I kind of miss the sun already. It's not that I want sun out shining down on me full blast but I would appreciate some rays if it means that I could have nicer and lush plants like the ones in this landscaping for Arizona gallery.

Little bro is arriving tonight - I know, I keep mentioning this, am so excited - and I'm hoping to get some dry weather (note, I said DRY, not HOT) so that we can go out and shop or see the sights. A little warmth would be okay too. 

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AEC said...

is it worldwide--this phenomenon of rain at the wrong season? even here it's been raining. ruining a lot of people's beach/swimming plans. meh.