Monday, May 18, 2009


I was asking a friend who recently started a new job how things were. He said "eto, okay naman, nakakapanibago na parating merong laman yung checking account namin," and that made me want to check our checking account too.

So I log on. 

and gasp.

and faint (almost).

and I checked our credit card statements.

and almost fainted again.

We always make it a point to pay off our credit card balances when the statements arrive, this way we don't carry any debt. Our CC bills for the past few months have been ginormous because we've had to pay for some extras that we charged to the card:
- the bath lights and exhaust fans my uncle ordered (uncle paid me cash already)
- bro's purchases (bro paid me cash)
- Business travel expenses (company reimbursed me already)
- theater tickets with bro / hubby and pasyal expenses
- plane tickets for bro's visit (mom reimbursed me)
- plane tickets for mom, dad, achi & 2 boys' tickets (mom reimbursed me)

And then for that recent DP on our car purchase, I maxed out the checking accounts.

Oh, and let's not forget those fraudulent charges that were made to my account all the way from Spain. Unfortunately, I've been charged for these (I'm on automatic payment) even though they're being disputed. 

For those items that I've already been paid for, the money either went into my wallet or into a separate account so the account that normally funds the credit cards is feeling the burden.

For now, we are running on fumes and there's this delicate juggling act. Hopefully, the fumes last us till next payday and I won't have to touch any of our savings.

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