Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bro 2009

It's my first day back to work after a week's vacation and there are so many things to catch up on. But it shouldn't be too difficult as I've been watching and following email threads while I was supposed to be out anyway. 

I decided to take a short celebratory break right now because I finally remembered my password. I was so frustrated this morning when I couldn't log in to my work computer - the desktop server in my office - remotely. I've been using the same password for years and I also pride myself on my good memory but apparently, forgetfulness can strike anyone. Sigh. 

Bro's visit went well, we were able to put in just the right mix of pasyal, shopping and rest throughout his stay here - I liked that we have the convenience of having our own vehicle to drive around in, no more waking up early to drop hubby off at work and rushing back to pick him up at night. I liked our routine - waking up mid-morning, having lunch at home, then pasyal or shop immediately after lunch, then home for a short nap before having dinner.

My mom's worries that I'd get too tired showing my brother around were not only unfounded, they turn out to be so hilarious as well. My brother knows how to relax and I cannot remember having a vacation this relaxed before.  Even when I was taking time off in Manila ? I'd always be harried for time and would try to squeeze in as many activities as possible para sulit. Rest has always been a myth during all of my vacations, until now.

We were also able to get tickets to Wicked, the Broadway musical, even if the upcoming shows were all sold out. Unfortunately, we had to settle for tickets in 3 separate areas as there were only the single seats available but the show more than made up for the seats. Galing!

The next visit would be Mom, Dad, Achi and the 2 boys this coming July. I'm sure the entire experience will be a huge contrast to bro's visit. Full house kami by then. Here's to hoping that I keep my cool and that we will all enjoy ourselves because frankly, I'm scared :P I love my family but the thought of hosting them (so many noisy people) for 2 weeks really really scares me.

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Aybee said...

As they say, forgetting your password is always good sign that you have had a good vacation!