Monday, May 4, 2009


I found myself a wonderful new product a few weeks ago.

Having (proudly) maintained a one-car household for more than a year now, I find it so tedious to have to squeeze in errands and trips to the salon during weekends because that's the only time that the car is free.

My eyebrows have been sorely neglegted - I have to admit that I never used to pay attention before my sister brought me to her eyebrow-waxing place during my visit in California last Christmas, so drama lang to, haha! - because I've had a hard time plucking out stray hairs one by one.

Aliw lang when I found this hair gel wand for $9.99 and the tip is perfectly shaped and it's so easy to spread the waxing gel over the areas that you want to target. So last night, I waxed my own eyebrows.

Charing! --> I've been wanting to use this word for a long time, I don't even know what this means, but it just seems appropriate to use right now.

In fairness, my eyebrows look even.

And no bald patches... uh, except for the tip of my left one. Tolerable.

The middle area of my brow (between my eyebrows) is clean. Nice.

Scary at first, but really aliw in the end when you start seeing the results. Of course, nothing beats the feeling of primping and getting dolled up at the salon but if you can't ? This is the next best thing.

Which reminds me, I used up most of the 10 strips that came with the package. Apparently, you can buy 100 small muslin strips for $2.99 pala. Not bad.

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