Thursday, March 5, 2009

Horror movies

Hubby and I have made 3 trips to the library since last week, we're both having so much fun reading the books and watching the DVDs that we borrowed.

I got a hodgepodge of books - some John Grisham novels, some fantasy novels by RA Salvatore and a couple of cheesy historical romance paperbacks - while hubby got excited when he finally saw a complete series of Manga comicbooks in the young adult section. He checks out that section a lot but never gets to see a complete series, there's usually a few books missing.

Funny lang because we borrowed - don't know why - the Amityville Horror movie the last time we were there. We watched it one night and both got so scared that we couldn't sleep. I remember leaving a bunch of docs downstairs and I wanted to get it but was too scared to go down by myself. Hubby (not sure if he was serious or just acting) was like "hey, don't leave me alone here". I think he was a bit scared rin.

I really should blame me. I like watching horror movies but I always end up getting scared afterwards :P

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