Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 weeks to go

Two weeks to go before my sister turns another year older. It's funny how she reminded me of her birthday (as if I would forget!) the last time we talked on the phone. She was telling me about her day - what she did, where she went, what she bought - and suddenly said "malapit na birthday ko".

I just had to laugh when I heard her because you see, this is my brother's style. He reminds people when his birthday approaches and drops hints all over the place. Achi & my bro are really two halves of the same coin, maybe being born exactly 12 years apart (i.e. they were born under the same animal sign under the lunar calendar) gives them similar ugali.

Me? While I won't deny appreciating if my birthday is remembered, I don't think that I've ever reminded anyone - not even my immediate family - about my birthday. Hiya eh.

Have you?

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AEC said...

ako rin, hiya ako to be telling anyone/everyone it's my birthday. once, my mom forgot pa, i didn't tell her pa rin. heehee.