Thursday, March 12, 2009

Homeowners Meeting

I attended last night's homeowners' association meeting and annual election. The last time I went was in 2007, hubby has just moved in and we decided to attend together to meet and get to know our neighbors.

I voted for the incumbent board because I was happy with everything this past year but I realized later on that it would be good to inject new blood every now and then. I'll probably vote for someone else next year, if there are other candidates.

Oh, and that realtor who lives in the next bldg ? The one that was constantly bothering and hijacking us during 2007 to 2008 ? Trying to get us to sign her up to sell our house ? Well, SHE attended the meeting and I was really careful not to look at her lest she deem that as an invite to come and talk to me again.

She approached me after the meeting and after exchanging greetings, she said "are you still selling ?" I told her no and that we were waiting for prices to stabilize again. She took this as her cue to try and sell me other services because she started talking about Debt Management loans that I could apply for to make my mortgage payments more affordable. She even asked about my husband and whether or not we are still working.


Imagine my satisfaction when I said to her, "loan ? oh, you mean a mortgage ? Sorry, I don't have a mortgage. Not anymore."

She might have thought that I misspoke or that she misheard me because she asked again, "yes, a mortgage loan for the house."

and again, I cleared it up for her, "no, my house is all paid up." and I bid her good night. Last I saw her, she had just pounced on another neighbor, probably asking her the same questions too.


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