Thursday, March 12, 2009

The freebies started it all!

This is how the entertainment system in our living room looks like right now. It sort of embarasses me - and yet, here I am posting it in a blog! - to admit that half of these items you see in the picture are inherited from friends.

The TV is from the old company apartment - it was going to be thrown away and I asked for it. The 2 speakers on each side of the cabinet were inherited from friends and so are the receiver on top shelf of the cabinet and the DVD player on the middle shelf (right).

The Tivo, Wii and even the cabinet, we did buy for ourselves. *whew*

We watch most of our shows on a much nicer flat-screen TV, but not an LCD or a plasma, in our bedroom. We've been thinking about and planning to replace this TV with a bigger flat panel version but we're taking our time. No hurry.

The problem with this TV now is that most games are designed with wide-screen TVs in mind. When we play guitar hero, the song lyrics are so difficult to read. I cannot practice and show off my karaoke prowess tuloy.

Anyway... I digress. I am posting to this picture to sort of mark the time and try and see how long it will take us to implement the improvements that we've been planning in our heads since we inherited the speakers.

Getting the speakers sort of started an avalanche of home improvement ideas and these thoughts started running through our heads:
- if we have these speakers & a receiver now, the TV looks overwhelmed, we should get a new TV.
- if we get a nice TV, we should get additional surround speakers & a subwoofer to complete the setup
- but acoustics in the living room isn't good -> transfer plans for a home theater system in the master's bedroom, this means we need to get a complete set of speakers (smaller ones) plus a new receiver.
- need to buy new TV for masters' bedroom. Where to put it ? Ah, in between the his/hers closets! but the doors are in the way.
- so need to replace the bi-fold doors in the closets, ah, sliding doors (and we actually went to home depot!) or custom accordion doors
- ah, the new closet doors are nice,... we need new hardwood floors to match the doors
- the bathrooms will need to be updated too, then. Because it will look off if the rest of the rooms have nice floors and bathroom tiles are outdated (we actually looked at new toilets, vanities, sinks and cabinets in home depot too)

and now, we are overwhelmed.

... parang gusto ko nang isoli na lang... - NOT! :D

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