Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unknown numbers

I got bored tonight and I decided to go through all the caller IDs that my phone has stored in the past few months. I'm seeing a lot of numbers that I don't recognize and believe me, I am good with remembering and recognizing phone numbers - I might be the only one in my family and my circle of friends who doesn't rely on my phonebook to dial out, I always dialed the number straightaway.

So I set my browser to Infospace under reverse phone lookup and start typing in these unknown numbers one by one (I did say that I was bored) and not surprisingly, they're all coming up as unknown numbers. So these numbers called me repeatedly - some even multiple times - and nobody bothered to record a message and none of the caller IDs could be traced back to them. I wonder, could they be using some sort of Free Spoofing service to hide their real phone numbers ?

As for me? I've decided to hold onto this Free Spoofing information, this might come in handy some day. A way to spy on an ex-bf, perhaps ? or your spouse's ex ? or just to pull phone pranks, it's sure to be fun.

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