Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another wedding!

We just received the invitation to my cousin's wedding in May and we are so excited. It's unfortunate that our situation won't allow us to take some time off to attend s0 we're looking forward to seeing the pictures instead. Thankfully, my brother has his annual visit scheduled around that time so he'll be able to bring our present to the bride and groom AND represent our family in the occasion.

Cousin & his fiancee does not seem to have a wedding registry yet, I did find one but it only had 3 items - a food processor, a set of sheets and some other kitchen appliance. Uh. Obviously, it's still incomplete.

I remember the time when I was choosing things for our registry, those were good times. Getting that scanner, going around the store and scanning things left and right ? I felt powerful, even if it was only for a few hours. My favorite part was choosing a china pattern, glassware and luxury flatware and cutlery that goes with it.

It's quite amusing, really, to find out how much thought goes into choosing patterns. After all, I grew up without paying any attention to the china and flatware that we use at home. The most conscious I had been - aside from the time that we were choosing for our wedding registry - was when I was in my late teens, I remember being annoyed when I would get mismatched cutlery and flatware on my place setting on the dinner table. That was a no-no. Eventually, the maids did learn to pay attention as well and everyone was happy - most especially me.

We eventually ended up with something similar to this Bead cutlery model. I've always loved clean and sleek designs and this is no exception. I love the detail and the feel of the handles. I'm looking forward to seeing the styles and patterns that my cousin and his fiance chooses. Can't wait.

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