Monday, March 16, 2009


Dropped by the library on Saturday morning and as per hubby's request, picked up DVD movies of The Godfather. We watched parts 1 and 2 all day on Sunday and we are loving them so far! Can't wait to see part 3 but since I was only able to borrow 2 DVDs on my card last Saturday, we have to go back for the rest.

Part 2 was around 4 to 5 hours long on two DVDs. I cannot imagine how people watched these in the moviehouses but, hey, we did sit still for that time. We couldn't turn our eyes away because the movie was so good. Now, I kinda know why people like using Corleone, Vito, Don in their internet handles. :)

I did wonder how they could possibly get hold of those old cars in the movies. Hubby says that at the time the movie was made, there were still plenty of those cars around (i.e. they weren't that old back then) so it must not have been too hard. I thought that they might have gone to some sort of club or something like a biker community where they can look for people who own vintage cars and bikes.

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