Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding attire

My brother called me up to ask, "what's the usual wedding attire in the US? What do people usually wear?" and I told him that while girls' attires differ depending on the formality of the event - cocktail dresses vs evening gowns - but guys usually wear suits.

So then brother starts arguing with me - we are discussing this because he will be attending our cousin's wedding in May - and tells me that it's an afternoon wedding anyway so why would anyone wear suits ? I took this as my cue to remind him that a lot of people wear suits to work every single day.


He's still unreconciled with the idea but I'm trying to convince him that he has to wear a tie at the very least. My brother, the sort of vain guy that he is, is kind of warming up to the idea of pure silk Luxury ties.

Personally, I'm liking this gold one and can totally imagine him wearing this.

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