Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ansama rin!

So there's all this hullabahoo going on around Dr Belo and Boy Abunda's statements about rival beauty centers and it got me thinking - is cosmetic surgery worth all the hype ?

You see, the problem is that we all see cosmetic surgery - especially breast augmentation - as being solely motivated by vanity and that, surely, couldn't be good, right ? While vanity may be a major motivating factor for most cases, there are certainly a lot of exceptions to that generalization.

I've seen cases where women with very low self-esteem are transformed into very confident, secure and self-assured people after going through cosmetic surgery to correct flaws. You have to agree that a person who truly feels beautiful inside and out would have no fear of coming out and experiencing the world.

I'm quite glad to see that cosmetic surgery centers such as Charlotte breast augmentation center make more of an effort to provide a good experience for their patients by providing them with in-depth information about their staff, options and procedures - all the information that you need to help you make an informed choice and decision. They even give support to existing and future patients.

For me, this is a very important step in the decision process of going through cosmetic surgery. I would want to know more about the staff with whom I would be dealing with throughout the process. The before and after pictures that they show on their site help as well because they give me an idea of the possibilities - if you're not iffy about seeing photos, check them out and be inspired.


*disclaimer: cosmetic surgery may boost your confidence but remember, it does not always work perfectly.


Charlotte Plastic Surgery said...

Great post. I really love the disclaimer.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery said...

Cosmetic surgery can definitely improve someone's perception of themselves, and ultimately, the better someone feels in their own skin, the better they will feel about themselves as well as their interactions with others.