Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back to work

Mom and Dad are flying back home this weekend, I'm betting that my sister and her family - with whom they've been staying with for the last few months - are going to miss them sorely. I hear that Lyle has been asking his Ama (grandma) daily if they're leaving today. He's sad about them having to go.

If anyone's happy about this arrangement, am sure that it's my brother who was left to man the fort while the parents are away. I'm sure that he'll be very happy to have them back. After all, he tells me, he's so sick and tired of having to do the marketing (else, he goes hungry).

Me ? It's water off of a duck's back. My parents aren't with me anyway and we still get to talk to each other often (daily, even) wherever they are so I don't really care where they are physically. I'm sure Mom is raring to go back to work. Though I'm sure she enjoyed playing homemaker for a while, she must be bored out of her mind by now.

I've been bugging them to set up a website for the family enterprise(s). It would be really helpful if someone could just "google" a keyword and get a hit that leads them to our website, no? It would be good publicity sana and bring more people. I'm not really sure yet if they're on board but I'm hoping that they'll be able to check it out when they get back to work. I did volunteer to set up their website anyway and I'm pretty confident that it'll turn out great (and easy) with this premium wordpress theme from I checked out their demo earlier and it seems so complete already. Everything that you need for a website seems to be there, you just have to provide the content.

Am hoping that this could be some sort of a family-project that the younger cousins could help put together.

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