Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I've been talking on and off about cleaning out our closets (mostly, mine) and donating the stuff that we don't use anymore to the Salvation Army.

I started doing this last year and was able to put together a big bagful [think santa claus sack] and just set it aside in a corner of my home office. I never got around to actually dropping this off because I wanted to get a receipt and get the value deducted from my taxes. Soon, the big bag of clothes in the corner of the room just blended into the background and was forgotten.

So last night, we were sorting out the laundry and started running out of clothes hangers. Our closets are bulging and are about to burst. Even the laundry closet, which used to be empty, is now FULL of off-season clothes and jackets. I even have a hard time lifting the lid of the washer because I have to push the clothes aside. This is not good.

I find it so hard to part with my possessions. :(

Now, I'm going through these clothes again and I have to force myself to fold them and put them in the bag meant for the SA. I keep thinking that they're sayang and that I'll need them again when I get back to my old size -- haha! I guess I should know by now that this is never gonna happen, right ?


Crinklynose said...

haha, loka.. sayo ko nga na-discover yung spacesaver, which i love soooo much, btw :o) all of my pre-prego clothes are packed in there nicely and neatly :o) so try getting some more of those if you need them...

but sometimes, we'd just have to let go of our "old stuff" to make way for the "new stuff". i notice we often get caught up with old memories and we forget that we could always make new memories naman (i assume the reason we're keeping our old stuff is bec of memories we associate with them)...

kaya mo yan sister, do it one step at a time. after you drop off that bag to SA, you'd feel much much better.

tc dearie!!!

popcorn said...

Hi Berns,

So kaliligpit ko lang diba ? Pag uwi ni hubby, tinuro ko sa kanya yung bags of clothes na i do donate ko. I was feeling proud that I was able to clear out so much stuff.

Sinilip nya isang bag, took out some sweaters and said "ang ganda pa nito ah! ayaw mo nang sootin to ?"

he pulled out some more, nako, lahat maganda pa raw.

We did put it back sa bags for donation, pero diba, kahinayang ulit ?