Friday, February 20, 2009

An hour at a time

I got back from my monthly trip to HQ last night. I had a good - but not quite uneventful - trip (check out my previous post about the tire blowout).

My colleague and friend G also took and passed the first of three exams towards his MSPD certification while I am there and I am feeling so inspired. I remember planning and thinking about taking MS certifications at around the same time that he started reviewing for his and here I am, still with nothing on my plate.

I guess I better shape up and really get things into gear. G tells me to just start by allotting an hour a day and that should get me to where I'm going - slowly, but surely - and I agree with him.

So this is me, announcing that I'm on techie mode.

And speaking of techies, you might want to check out this site which contains a knowledge-base for file extension ifo. They're trying to put together information about all sorts of programs, applications and file types that are being released and installed on our computers.

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