Monday, February 2, 2009


We were out looking for Snow pants last weekend and decided to drop by Walmart on the off chance that they might be selling some, we didn't want to have to drive all the way to our favorite outdoor gear store - Campmor - because it was so much further.

Now, if you've been to Walmart, you should know what I'm talking about. For my readers who are in Manila, think SM garage / parking lot on a payday weekend. The parking lot - which was huge! - was full and you had to wait to get a slot.

Now, we must have been idling in our section (no other waiting cars in sight) for around 5 to 10 minutes when the owners of the SUV beside us started to back out. Yay! Just before we were about to slide into our slot (we got delayed because this SUV who was leaving blocked our car while he was trying to turn his vehicle towards our direction), another vehicle came from the other lane and stole our slot.

Mad, I decided to march down and confront the other car. Hubby tried to stop me, but I was seeing read and was unstoppable. I blame hubby a bit too because at this point, he saw another vehicle about to leave na pala but he didn't even mention that. If I had known that there was a better spot coming up, my anger would've been abated.

So I know on the car window, the passenger was a woman who looked to be in her 40s, she said "Yes ?".

"Miss, you took our spot, we've been waiting for parking a long time and this should've been ours."

and she replied in a VERY SARCASTIC TONE, "Sorry, we got here first!"

Ha ? I was so surprised at their utter lack of manners & conscience that I was speechless for a few seconds. I didn't know what to say. Eventually, I found my voice and said "okay, I see that it's useless to talk to people who are very rude."

AS I turned to walk away, she had the nerve to shout back, "I don't like talking to stupid people too!".

To which I retorted "then you must not like talking to yourself then!" and I left.


Thinking back, I should not have confronted them anymore. After all, what else was there to say to people like that ? They obviously did not have a shred of courtesy, they have no manners. The most surprising part was that these were middle aged to retirement age people. Obviously, uneducated and very uncouth.

My brother tells me that I should not even have lowered myself down by talking to them because by doing that, I am bringing them up to my level (or bringing myself down to theirs). He's right.

But the best comment that I heard was from someone else - "never mind, they're old people right ? just keep in mind that they'll probably die soon anyway so they don't have that much time annoy people with their rudeness." And THIS, made me smile.


And thinking back some more, I now realize that this is such a petty incident and shouldn't even worth a second thought. After all, there are more serious issues and tragic events that we can think about such as holodomor


Mylene said...

If she were smart she would have just left. If someone is willing to come up to my car to confront me, I'd be afraid my car would get keyed or something. :-)

That's happened to me once actually, but I was the one who took a car spot without realizing that someone was on their way to it. Not that they were waiting, but I just took a shorter route to the spot. Anyways, I backed out and gave up the spot.

popcorn said...

See ? See ? Decent people will know & realize that they're wrong and would back out.

This woman was palaban. Feeling nya tama siya.

I wanted to key their car or kick the car / tires at the very least. But then, my family's upbringing (of being careful with and respectful of other people's things) kicked in and wala akong magawa.