Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Ah, my first post of the year :) *smiles*

I've been staring at my monitor and keyboard for a few minutes, trying to figure out how to sum up two weeks in a single post and couldn't come up with an answer. I guess I'll just update you guys popcorn-style and by that, I mean writing things down as I remember them.

We started our 2 week vacation with a quickie trip to the west coast to visit my folks. We kept this trip hush-hush because we planned to surprise our friends with a visit too. Unfortunately, I came down with the flu during the trip, I started feeling sore and achy at the airport. By the middle of the flight, I started having chills and couldn't take it anymore (hubby has been giving me massages) and asked the flight attendants for aspirin.

This bout with the flu lasted the entire 10 days that we were in California. I'm still disappointed that we weren't able to visit friends.

Everything went by in a blur - mostly due to the medication that I've been taking for the fever, aches, cough and cold. Hubby has been taking such good care of me - massages, medicines and pitching in for the chores at my sister's place. I am blessed.

We got back to NJ on a red-eye flight and made it home in time for a short nap before we hied off to the Villareals' place for New Year dinner. All in all, getting to spend time with family & friends, we had a wonderful Christmas season.

How was yours ?

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Mai said...

Sorry to hear you were sick while on vacation! But you milked it didn't you hehehe (bait ng hubby mo).