Friday, January 16, 2009

Naruto fan

I love talking to my nephews on the phone but the little one's attention span is so short.
He usually says "Hi" then follows it up with an update of his favorite anime show, Naruto, and then gives the phone to someone else.

I do want to keep him on the phone longer, but I think I would need to read about or watch more anime these days. He keeps asking me who my favorite character is and each time, all I can come up with is "how about you ? who's your favorite ?" and then when he answers, I'll respond with a "hey, he's my favorite too!". This used to work a while back but he asks more questions now and I can't fool him anymore, haha!

I am starting to put together an action plan, starting with Naruto, then Bleach Manga. I better drag hubby into this too as he's always been an Anime and Manga fan. Sometimes, he would even feel the need to point out that he liked DragonBall Z even before it started showing in the Philippines and everyone else started liking it too.

I think I might just start with watching a show or two and go on from there. I figure, if I could pick up enough character names or some specific scenes in some episodes, I might be able to talk about it more and longer with my nephew.

What do you think ? Does this sound like a good plan ?

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