Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow banks in MA

I just got back from my monthly business trip to HQ and I just wanted to share what greeted me when I got to the office.

See that mound of snow on the sidewalks ? It's higher than my rental (a sedan) and it made driving around so much harder because there's all these snow piles covering your line of sight so you'll have to make sure you slow down as you approach intersections or when making turns.

My trip to HQ went well but I was glad to get back to good 'ol Jersey. We do have snowpiles on our sidewalks but they're not as high as the ones in MA.

We invited some friends over for a small salo-salo on Saturday night to celebrate Chinese (lunar) New Year. Hubby and I need to stock up on food - and thankfully, we won't have cook anything before hand so this saves us a lot of work - and we also need to tidy up a little. We have too many stuff at home as it is and our basement storage is already full. At the rate we're going, we might have to get a storage rental soon.

I've started doing some decluttering activities but it's going really slow (translation: tinatamad).

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