Monday, January 19, 2009

Let it snow!

It seems like we've gotten more snow this winter season compared to last year's.

One proof I can offer you is this tiny bulldozer / snowplow that my bldg seems to have rented for the season. This machine is so cute and looks so cool when it does its job and it's small enough to plow the snow off of the individual parking spaces (it is narrow enough to fit in the slots). That picture is how it looks like on a normal day - we didn't even have a snowfall forecasted for that day. It just came. Fortunately, we only got a light dusting. I think the superintendent (I suspect that it is he who drives this bulldozer) gets a kick out of snow-plowing with this machine too, I know I would.

Hubby blames this sign that I put up on our door in early January and has been asking me to put it down, he's just teasing of course ;)

He says that I'm just encouraging old man winter to give us more snowfall and that's not good because he has to go out and brush the snow off the car and shovel the car out of the parking spot.

As for me ? I love this. We do have to get ourselves some new Boots though, preferably those that are well-insulated and water proof so that we could go out and walk on the freshly fallen snow (one of my favorite winter activities, next to skiing).

Let it snow!

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Cidy said...

very cute sign you hang in there... I never tried skiing, lucky you =)