Monday, January 26, 2009


I scared myself yesterday.

I had a Costco coupon for $4 off of a pack of Charmin tissues. These are normally sold at $18.75 so $4 is a huge chunk off of the price. The coupon I had was valid between Jan 5 and 25. At the start of the promo season, I went to Costco and found out that they just ran out. A shipment was on its way to the warehouse but nobody knew when it would arrive so I left without buying anything.

Yesterday was the last day of the promo period so we went to Costco again. When I got to the section where these tissues are normally stored, I only saw empty pallets.

I was so disappointed.

I stood there for a few seconds and decided to wait for any Costco staff to pass by, maybe they would restock the shelves again (but I doubt that because they keep all stock in the store). I looked around and saw an overflowing cart and there's a pack of the tissues that I wanted stacked on top of the other groceries.

It looked so inviting. So tempting. I felt that it was calling out to me.

For a full minute (or maybe two), I stared at that seemingly-abandoned cart (the customer pushed it away afterwards) and debated with myself. I was convincing myself that the cart was abandoned and that it would be okay to take the stuff inside.

Hubby saw that I had locked my eyes on another customer's cart and nudged me. He brought me back to reality.

For $4, I was tempted to take stuff from another shopper's cart.


A minute later, I saw some people walking off with these tissues. I traced their paths and found out where they were coming from. There was 1 last pallet with a dwindling number of tissues. I ran and was able to buy mine guilt-free.

--- Note to self: Speaking of guilt-free, I am writing this reminder to myself to go and order some concrete cleaner for my sis. She recently found some streaks on her concrete driveway and being the neat-freak that she is, she can't just let it be. And being the internet-shopping-phobe that she is, she asked me to buy some for her. Haha!


Berryblitz said...

addict sa freebie!!!

popcorn said...

Not really freebie, pero malaking difference talaga yung coupon e, e tapos last day na nung promotion na yun so I got tempted :P

Imagine, $4 ? that's like what ? 200 pesos na or a little less.

Berryblitz said...

buti pa dyan may mga coupon coupon, dito ba sa pinas meron, kc wala akong naririnig na coupon dito

by the way, musta na work? dami tanggalan dyan sa US.

popcorn said...

Work-wise, dami pa ring tanggalan dito. Etong Monday lang, there were 70,000 layoffs raw. It used to be that the companies laying people off were financial institutions (citibank,etc). Now, umabot na sa ibang industries such as CAT (heavy equipment), Target (shopping stores) and even Starbucks.

These are scary times.