Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lunar New Year

This was what we had for our hot pot dinner:
1) broth made from pork broth boiled and simmered for hours, this was later flavored with Sate sauce
2) spicy broth was from #1, but with some Chiu Chow spices

and the dippers:
1) sliced rib eye (shabu shabu beef)
2) vegetables - Sweet pea & Baby bokchoy
3) shrimp

4) shrimp balls
5) cuttlefish balls
6) fish cake - balls and sheets
7) kani - crab sticks
8) Enoki mushrooms
9) sweet corn

We also had 2 kinds of noodles - sotanghon and soba.

... and this is us, taken just before we dug in.

Times like these make me realize how much I miss working in an office setting. I remember and see & talk to real people. I miss those days when we would have activities such as those offered by TOOBEEZ Teambuilding. Those were fun times.

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