Thursday, December 18, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

The bedroom which I've been using as a home office now looks like a maze or an obstacle course with all the boxes, gifts, packing cubes and what-nots scattered about. We've been packing and unpacking stuff that we plan to bring to CA because we couldn't decide on the best combination of luggages to bring.

We started off thinking that we'd just use the box for the gifts we're bringing and we won't be bringing that back with us anymore. After we prepared our clothes last night, the 2 carry-on sized luggages seemed bitin. We don't even have space for an extra pair of shoes, let alone the stuff that I asked Mom to bring me from Manila.

So now, we've decided to bring along an extra piece of luggage which we'll be checking in. We'll place one of the carry-ons and nest it inside the check-in luggage so we'll have less to lug around at the airport. If we need the extra space when we fly back to NJ, we'll just take out the small bag and hand-carry that.

The current tally is:
1 balikbayan box
1 check in luggage (w/ 1 extra carry-on inside)
and 1 carry-on bag

Oh yeah, looks like we might have to resort to filling up the box with paper towel rolls and / or boxes of tissues, LOL! We still have the extra space but we don't want to make the box go over 50 lbs.

I'm excited about our trip, going on vacation and being with my family. I will probably want to scream my head off halfway into our vacation - I've gotten so used to being alone - but it will be fun, for sure. Soon, I'll be blogging and saying hi from the other side of North America.


Mai said...

How was your vacation? Are you back yet?

popcorn said...

Hi Mai! My vacation didn't go as planned, we did push thru with the trip but I caught the flu bug just as we were leaving NJ. Ayan, I spent most of my time in Cali in bed.