Friday, December 12, 2008

Hot new site!

So I've found yet another hot networking site and the idea behind this one is very fresh and new (now, I sound redundant!).

We all have our favorite things and places, right ? Those cool gadgets that we just can't live without ? Or that nifty toy that would just make our day if we found it in our Christmas stockings ? It could be something as small as an iPod or something as big as your shiny new smart car or something that you absolutely cannot leave your home without - your cellphone. How about that nice, romantic place where you and your husband honeymooned ?

Now imagine yourself being able to connect with other people who own and love the same things and places that you do. Imagine being able to discuss the merits or even exchange wishlists when it comes to the features that you would like for the new version of your camera or iPhone ?

Now, *that* would be cool.

and guess what ? You won't need your imagination anymore because acobay is now here.

Me ? I'm making a list of my favorite things which I have added/will be adding to my account:
- Brother Labeler (Yes, I love to print and stick labels)
- Roomba (gotta love it!)
- Tivo
- Wii
- Guitar Hero Band Kit
- iPhone
- Subaru Impreza (we love our car)
- a Toyota Prius (we don't have this, but would like to hear from others who already have it)

1 comment:

Mai said...

Imprezas rock! (Tivo too.) The bf just got an STI and loves it.