Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Temporary Wealth

I've been monitoring our finances more closely than usual recently, in anticipation of the expenses that we would be incurring when we start purchasing baby stuff - furniture, clothes, bottles, diapers, etc.

I found myself a little bit amazed that we seem to have extra cash, even after I start deducting the projected costs. Wow, I thought, we must have been really thrifty and good with savings these past few months.

Unfortunately, reality came knocking at our door last night. Well,.. it actually came in the mail. Property taxes are due again this Nov 1. *sigh* So... that was what the extra money was for and it sort of slipped my mind - wishful thinking, perhaps ?

I can almost imagine the city clerk smirking, "mwehehehe".

That's the problem with quarterly property tax payments. It's probably not as bad as paying annually in which case coming up with the entire amount may just cripple you financially. But then again, with a quarterly approach, you have just gotten over paying the previous one when you're suddenly handed a bill for the next one. It just never ends.

I know I shouldn't be complaining. After all, we are more fortunate than most in that we still have a home in this economy.

Oh yeah, and our washing machine ? It's still leaking and will have to either be fixed or replaced. And there's that broken dishwasher rack that we gave up on (gave up trying to fix it each time it breaks) and just replaced for $100.

So there. The extra $$$ is gone. *sigh*

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Aris said...

In my case, the mortgage company pays the property tax bill out of escrow, so our monthly bill is fixed (mortgage + 1/12 of the prop tax estimate?). Once in a while there'd be a shortage and I'll have to pay a little extra into escrow, but it was never a large scary surprise bill. I thought that that was how everyone did it, until I saw your post... That would be hard on me, because I'd surely forget a quarterly bill myself. Ganun yung sa sewage naman and it's kinda annoying.

popcorn said...

@Aris: that's better nga, you won't have to remind youself to set aside the funds for your taxes.