Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seasonal Flu Shots

I had just been given the go-ahead by my OB to get vaccinated so I've been busy looking for clinics and pharmacies that offer seasonal flu shots. Unfortunately, it seems like most pharmacies are out:

(1) Target pharmacies in my area no longer have this

(2) CVS pharmacies in my area are out. I found a few locations that are around 30 miles away, but I was told that there is at least an hour's wait and that (bummer!) they do not carry mercury free vaccines.

(3) Costco will not be giving any seasonal flu shots after today.

My only hope now is to get an appointment w/ my primary care physician tomorrow and hope that he still has it - their offices are closed today so I'm getting very anxious.

If you haven't gotten yours yet, do look for one. Supplies are running low and I read somewhere that even though there is still a huge demand for the seasonal flu vaccine, laboratories will be shifting their resources to producing the H1N1 vaccine instead.

In the meantime, I probably should start checking out Herbal Remedies Elite Store and stock up on supplements and remedies that could help boost our immune systems.

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