Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking ...

I've been terribly concerned about old friends and acquaintances since our country was battered by multiple typhoons one after the other recently. During those few weeks, social networking sites were a great help because it provided us with a way to keep in touch and get the latest news about friends and family - especially during those times when other means of communications went down.

Because of that, I've been uber-interested when I came across yet another social networking site, MyLife, this got me very excited as it gave me another option to search for other friends with whom I've lost touch. Learning about who has gotten married, who is dating whom, who has had how many kids, and which families are expecting babies - including hubby & me (and we're very eager to share the news of this blessing) - makes me excited and happy.

When I run out of "lost" friends that I'm trying to find, I might just start with ex-crushes *laughs*, ex-bfs, ex-gfs of the husband - oh, and probably those of my brother & sister's too. It would be interesting to find out where these people are nowadays and how they're doing. Who knows, if there aren't any lingering issues, we might just get back in touch and get acquainted with each other again.

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