Sunday, October 18, 2009

Congratulations, Lance!

My sister called this afternoon to let me know that my nephew, Lance, just won 1st in Kata and 4th in weapons in his Karate competition this morning. Yay! I'm one proud Aunt.

I asked them to make sure that they post pictures so that the entire family can share in Lance's moment, but Achi was non-committal and said "Okay, we will try." Being a blogger since 2002, I've been so used to talking about events and photos (with a bit of security, of course) on the web for sharing. The rest of my family, however, are still not so web-savvy. That's why all my talk about them possibly putting up a family website or some sort of a brag blog (for proud parents, haha!) for their kids are kind of falling onto deaf ears - even if it's a simple site from an easy to use web site hosting provider.

I'm not giving up. After all, with security settings and customizations that are easier to control, this should be a breeze, right ? She wouldn't have to rely on free hosting sites that may or may not be dependable, or that may or may not allow her enough free space or may not even keep shared memories available for a long time.

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