Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Always late

What is it with me these days ? It seems like I (we) always decide at the very last minute and by the time we make up our minds, it's too late.

First was that seasonal flu shot. From the time that I got a go-signal from the OB, it took me a couple of weeks to decide to want to get it. I finally decided that I did want to do it when I realized that the supply was running low. By then, there were no mercury-free shots available - none that I could find anyway.

Now, it's the 3D / 4D ultrasound session. I called up a facility last week to inquire and they still had plenty of open slots for this week. Who's to know that when we finally decide to go with it, they are fully booked till the 2nd week of November! By then, it'll be too late for me since I'm already at 31 weeks now - ideal time frame is between 24 to 32 weeks.

Not wanting to let this go,... I called up different U/S facilities and by the 3rd try, I did get an appointment for tomorrow evening. So excited :D

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Crinklynose said...

yes girl, 3d/4d Ultrasound is indeed exciting. Kasi you'd see the features of the baby tlaga vs just the 2d US from our dr's offices. Plus you'd see the baby in action :o) Mikka was yawning and kicking when I had my 3d/4d u/s :o)

enjoy the session with your little one. it could be heart-melting too :o) dont forget to post pics ha?


popcorn said...

Hi Berns,

I'll post some pics :D Bukas na yung 4D namin. Yay!