Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's been a while since hubby and I braved going to a mall. We're not really mallrats, obviously, and we don't exactly enjoy any of the following aspects:

- the crowds (as I've mentioned in a previous post, we have not gotten our flu shots yet)
- crowded parking lots
- long lines at the cashier

In any case, we had to go this afternoon to purchase some items for MIL and we figured that today was a good time as any to go get them as we might be busier in the next few weekends preparing for the baby's arrival.

We got some Clinique products for MIL (to replenish her supply) and surprisingly, we had a pleasant experience. Department stores normally offer gift promotions for a minimum purchase. The current promotion gives a 7 piece gift package for a minimum purchase of $21.50 and is limited to one per customer.

Typically, hubby and I would be considered 2 customers because there are two of us. The last time that we went, the saleslady gave us a hard time about it because even though there were 2 of us, we were one family. Eh ? The small print only says one per customer, not one per family. She did give each one of us a gift but she made such a big deal of it and made it seem as if it were a huge favor that she was doing us.


Anyway, this afternoon's experience at the Clinique counter wasn't difficult at all. Probably because they had plenty of these giveaways in stock. The lady helped get our purchases together and even helped us separate and group the items together to get the optimal number of gift packs. Aliw. :)

Now, THAT is a saleslady. We bought even more than we intended because she was so nice about the whole thing. Haha!


Berryblitz said...

Yes, sometimes nakaka affect yung ugali ng sales lady sa pagbili ng customer :) kaya nga sa pag aahente ng electrical and lightings to resellers, the best ang babaeng sales/ahente na hindi masyadong maria clara. mas marami sila nabebenta compare sa mga kasamahan nilang lalaking ahente hahaha

popcorn said...

dinadaan sa lambing, haha!

Berryblitz said...

haha tumpak!!!