Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I went into sort of a panic last night when I bent down to pick up what looked like a piece of string from the floor of the laundry area and realized that the string was soaking wet!

Looking more closely, I discovered that the entire floor of the tiled laundry closet was soaking wet. I asked hubby to come over so that he could move the washing machine out and check where the water came from. Poor guy, I have been making him work extra hard at home these past few days.

After some heaving, pushing and shoving, he did manage to get the washer out and it looks like the laundry closet "flooding" wasn't so bad after all. The flooding was minor and was easily taken cared of by paper towels and all-purpose cleaner to scrub off hardened dirt.

It's still a mystery to us where the water came from but I thought I'd place a paper towel underneath the washer the next time I run it, I'll also tie paper towels around the drain hose and maybe another one around the water intake hose and hopefully, nothing leaks out again. I'm hoping that the leak, at the worst, is from something that's easily replaceable and inexpensive.

Fortunately, I found this out this early and before any real damage was done. Otherwise, we might have to resort to specialists such as Able restoration for water damage Orange County repairs and control.

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