Thursday, October 1, 2009


Photos and videos of Ondoy's victims have been circulating the net so I'm not even going to try and repost any of them. I've been monitoring the situation since last weekend and up till now, I cannot believe the devastation that Ondoy brought onto Manila. I've seen and experienced a lot of storms while I was growing up in Manila (and living and flood-prone areas) but none comes close to this.

Family-wise, we were one of the lucky ones as my immediate family got off relatively easy. Dad, Mom and my brother didn't even bother leaving the house that morning when they saw that the water in our street was already beginning to rise. The flood did reach our garage but no higher than a few inches. Our house stayed dry and the most that they suffered was the inconvenience of having no electricity.

Some cousins did have a hard time going home from work but given that we have family / relatives all over the place, they all were able to seek shelter and spend the night at a relative's house and didn't have to suffer being stuck in the road for hours and hours on end. An aunt and an uncle got stuck in the office and though they went hungry, they did have water to drink and got to stay warm & dry.

The worst was felt by an aunt and uncle who lives in Malabon, their house, a bungalow which was built on a lot that has been raised high above the street level, got submerged. Mom says that all their cars, furniture and appliances, except for a laptop and a television, were submerged and ruined. But the most nakakahinayang part for me was to hear that their fishes were lost too. They have these huge tropical aquariums with beautiful fishes and they also have this greater than 6 ft long aruwana - I forgot to ask Mom if the latter got lost too.

By the time that Ondoy left, we discovered that the family didn't exactly get off unscathed. We have substantial business losses. Mom keeps saying that she's just thankful that everybody is well but I get the impression that she's still trying to convince herself that all will be well.

It's scary out there.

I don't even know what to say or what to do to comfort my family. All I know is that I'm really thankful that we still have each other. Praise the Lord.


Berryblitz said...

Hindi nakauwi husband ko from Manila. Wala rin sya and kasama nya makain that night kasi ubos na raw food sa restos. Then wala ren matulugan dahil puno lahat ng rooms.

Buti hindi nya dala yung car that day!!! He and his cousins took LRT kasi takot sila baka bumaha. But not the super baha that they were expecting.

Good thing sa Caloocan, hindi nagbabaha, dun sa bahay namin and ng parents ko, sobrang suerte namin.

Nakakaloka si Ondoy! meron pala akong ibloblog, hindi ko pa lang nacoconstruct hehehe

bad trip yung script na nilagay ko sa mga sites ko, nagreredirect talaga, sayang!!! money making kc yun, sa iba ko na lang ilalagay :(

Berryblitz said...

Yes, we should be thankful na walang napahamak na mahal natin sa buhay. Yung boss ko na chinese, namatay uncle nya, yung PBA red bull chairman. And dahil sa namatay sya, mga issue ngayon yung wife nya, regarding PBA. Kawawa...

Bagsak talaga negosyo, pero ngayon mas ok na ayon sa mga bali-balita. Pati sales ng husband ko affected ren.

Pero ngayon yung kay Pepeng, horror!!! Wasak Marcos Highway. So walang makalabas pasok sa baguio. lalo na mga gulay. so dito sa metro manila, sa palengke, ang 20pesos na gulay dati, 80pesos na!!! paano na ang mga mahihirap na walang pambili ng pagkain, lalo silang walang makain ngayon!