Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Decluttering 2

Remember that decluttering post a few weeks ago ?

Except for putting the items in bags and bins, not much has changed - specifically, nothing has been thrown or given away yet. Still not up to cataloging these items for Salvation Army (to get that tax deduction going). I'm setting a deadline for myself, if I do not catalog these by 11/7, they're going to our church's clothing drive that same weekend.

I do feel, however, that I deserve a little pat on the back for sorting through (and doing some speed reading) the stacks of magazines that I've amassed over the years. I've been steadily throwing away a several magazines a day (and I just have to point out that I do this outside of my working hrs, of course). At this rate, we might just be able to clear up Swe-Cha's room in time for his arrival.

*pat pat*

Hubby did a lot of grunt work over the weekend (*clap clap*). We got this Scotch Brite hardwood floor duster - which you can use dry or wet - over the weekend. It's similar to a floor swiffer, except that the pad is heavier and is held more firmly so you could apply more pressure when you wipe the floor. It's not really the pads that made us happy but the tool itself. Hubby likes to get down on his hands and knees and really scrub the floors but that is obviously hard on the back and the hands/knees.

Half a bottle of all-purpose cleaner, 2 microfiber pads and 2 makeshift floor pads* later, we have clean tile floors.


*Note that when we ran out of clean pads, I decided to channel my inner domestic-diva and with the help of of my el-cheapo sewing machine, a pair of ratty old jeans was turned into extra cleaning pads for the Scotch Brite cleaner.

I knew I was saving those jeans for a purpose.

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