Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We're in the middle of training Swe-cha. First we trained him to use the Playtex disposable nurser bottle so that we could bring less when we travel - didn't realize that he started hating those, he used to be very flexible when it comes to bottles because we had a variety. He took to it after a few days of crying & screaming.

Now, we're trying to eliminate his night-time feeding and his sleep association with the bottle. Ang hirap! I'm currently expressing breastmilk now - 3a is one of my usual times to do this - and I am so sleepy and tired. I do not remember being this tired in the recent months. We had a minor victory this evening, we got him to sleep w/o using his bottle as a pacifier, it took about 40 minutes and I was actually quite surprised when he finally stopped shouting. I kept wanting to give in & just give him a bottle at the 30 minute mark - his shouting is hard on the ears - but what friend A said before kept coming to mind, "you have to be committed to this, if you give in, sinayang mo lang yung iniyak nya earlier" and so I persisted.

Salamat sa encouragement, A, pero super nakakapagod talaga.

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Aris said...

miss, congrats on the small victory... small steps naman talaga.. are you so tired that you posted on the wrong blog?